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Pasta Production


: Press mod MA300X and MA500X

 - Mod.MA300X and MA500X


: Presses for fresh pasta 15-150 kg/h:

 - Mod. D75-D95-D110-D/2 110

 - Mod. D150

 - Mod. Pre-dryer

 - Mod. Dryer

:: Press mod MA300X and MA500X


Automatic vacuum press with stainless steel structure, complete with stairs and inspection platform. The press is composed by the following basic parts:

Raw materials dosing system composed by:

• Water metering system with peristaltic pump and geared motor
• Flour dosing system composed by a valve with geared motor and a level sensor.

In case of lack of one of the components the press stops automatically and an acoustic alarm informs the operator about the problem.

Vacuum mixing vat in stainless steel AISI304

Extrusion system composed by:

• Cylinder with cooling chamber on the whole lenght.
• Extruding screw

Vertical head with cooling and heating system to assure a continuos production uniformity. Complete with manometer for the control of the extruding pressure. The change of the dies is ensured by an oleodynamic extracting system.

Cutting group with geared motor to regulate the cutting speed and with a ventilator to avoid sticking of the pasta during the cutting process.

Vacuum system composed by a vacuum pump, a tank and a filter

Main control panel positioned beside the machine, includes all the controls for metering, mixing, extrusion, cutting, etc



Technical features:


Model MA300X MA500X
Capacity (kg of dried pasta per h) 300 kg/h 500 kg/h
Mixing Vat 1 vacuum vat Premix + 1 vacuum vat
Dimensions  mm


Weight  kg 1800 2200
Installed power   kW 17 25
Die’s diameter  mm 300 380

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